Staying Relevant

Staying relevant in your job

I remember when I knew every song on the radio. I was a veritable jukebox and I ruled at trivia. 

I remember when I would watch music award shows and know every artist that was attending and performing. I was convinced that I would never be that person to say “who is that?”. 

I remember when my ears were trained to hear new things, innovative sounds, fresh lyrics. I would take the time to learn a new song, all of the notes and words, and try to understand the meaning behind the piece. 

And then it stopped. I don’t know exactly when, but all of a sudden I found myself saying “who is that?” and “I’ve never heard this before, is this what they consider music now?” I stopped being curious, I got stuck in a rut. I put my favorite songs on repeat and did not make room for anything new. 

Am I missing out? Yes. There are new sounds, new artists, new rhythms, new genres. I might enjoy them, and I might now. But I won’t know unless I make an effort to see what is new, even for a few minutes a week. 

We all do this from time to time at different points in our lives and in our careers. We learn a set of skills and then close ourselves off from learning anything new because what we know is enough (or so we think). While not knowing the newest song might only leave you out of a conversation, the danger of not knowing the latest tools and techniques might leave you out of the running for a job or promotion.  

These days, there is a lot of talk about automation taking jobs, so it’s even more important to keep a continual learning mindset. Jobs that are redundant will be automated. I came across a quote yesterday that I’ve been turning over and over in my mind ever since: 

Blue-collar jobs will be replaced by ‘new collar’ jobs that require a combination of digital, technical and soft skills that are going unfilled in today’s tight global labor market.

PWC 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey

How do you overcome this? How do you keep a continual learning mindset? 

Commit to exposing yourself to new information at least once a week

You are likely getting information overload on a regular basis, so you’re not really paying attention and taking it in. Give yourself 30 mins, once a week to focus on one new thing. Maybe it’s catching up on industry news, or walking through a demo of a tool you’ve never used before. 

Attend a webinar at least once a month 

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to keep up on what’s new in your industry. There are loads of free, or inexpensive, webinars available to you at all times. Many webinars can be played “on-demand”, or in other words, on your schedule. You don’t have to be there live. If you do have a chance to attend a live webinar you’ll likely have an opportunity to ask questions of the presenter. 

Join a community

There is no shortage of slack communities, Reddit forums, and social media groups that bring like-minded people together to discuss trends and hive mind questions and answers. A suggestion? You can join our free slack community:

Other great communities are the Content Marketing Institute, Women in Analytics, and Spin Sucks slack groups. Not quite right? There are communities for just about every walk of life – start searching! 

Subscribe to a newsletter or blog

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to stay up to date on what’s going on in your industry is with newsletters and blogs. Someone else has done the work to put together the latest and greatest information – you just have to read it! The Trust Insights newsletter is a weekly curation of industry news and original research delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe now:

Other great newsletters include Occam’s Razor, The Daily Carnage, and Non Obvious Insights.  Not your cup of tea? Don’t fret – there is no shortage of newsletters that will suit your fancy. 

Subscribe to a podcast

Commuting is a great time to catch up on the news you’ve missed. However, if you’re like me, reading in a moving vehicle or on a train makes you motion sick. A great alternative is a podcast. Podcasts are (generally) free, audio-based versions of your favorite newsletters and blogs. In-Ear Insights from Trust Insights is a weekly show that covers all things marketing and AI. Subscribe now:

Other great podcasts that you should check out: Marketing Over Coffee, The Get, and The Talking Stack

The next step is to get learning. Take a couple of minutes today and subscribe to a newsletter or look for a webinar that interests you and introduces you to something new. As for me? I’m going to see what’s new on Spotify. 


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