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Miss our session on social media ROI at Social Media Marketing World last week? Watch the replay here >

Let’s talk about ordered effects for a moment. One of the skills that sets apart thought leaders from regular leaders is the ability to use ordered effects, to foresee the consequences of decisions beyond the immediate impact. If you cultivate this skill – and it’s a learnable skill – you will drastically increase your impact as a leader.

Ordered effects are nothing more than chained cause-and-effect analyses. If this happens, then that happens. Let’s use the COVID19 pandemic as an example.

A worldwide pandemic occurs. What’s a likely effect of this incident?

The economy suffers, which Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security forecasted to be a -11% GDP planet-wide in year 1 of a pandemic. What’s a likely impact of -11% GDP?

Less spending, and thus less business growth. What’s the likely impact of that?

Companies will need to tighten their belts. What’s the likely impact of that?

As a marketer, you’ll be called on to prove the ROI of everything you’re doing. What’s the likely impact of that?

If you can prove ROI, you’ll keep your employment and budget. If you can’t prove ROI, there’s a real risk of drastic budget cuts and downsizing – and you may be among the downsized.

Here, we’re looking at sixth-order consequences, six degrees of consequences away from the initial stimulus. By thinking this far ahead, we put ourselves ahead of the curve. We anticipate – with logical, sensible deductions – what’s likely to happen, and thus we can begin preparing now for the most logical scenarios. In the past two newsletters, Katie and I talked about scenario planning; using ordered effect thinking, you can forecast those scenarios and get ahead of them now.

If you haven’t already started planning for a business downturn, now’s the time. Take a hard look at the ROI of all your marketing, so that when the boss comes knocking, you’ll be more than ready.

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This week’s Bright Idea is our session from Social Media Marketing World 2020 on data science 101 for marketers, answering questions like:

  • What is data science?
  • What isn’t data science?
  • How do you get started with data science?

Listen to the session now, no form fill needed >

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This week’s Rear View Mirror looks at SEO characteristics of top content in February 2020. What trends do we see in content that drove the most organic traffic to 31,000+ top articles?

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We see some common characteristics of previous analyses:

  • Domain ratings (also known as domain authority) averaged in the mid 60s
  • The average post garnered about 2,000 visits, but traffic was highly variable by day, with Thursdays having abnormally high traffic from organic sources
  • Shares of content were abnormally low on the weekends
  • Referring domains averaged in the mid 60s, with Thursday again being the anomaly
  • Post length averaged in the 800 word region

What’s more informative are what the top 25% of headlines had in common, a natural language processing technique called collocations. The top 3 phrases of top traffic driving content are:

  1. You need to know
  2. Things to do in
  3. To know about

When you’re crafting your own content, consider these and the other phrases shown in the graph above to make your content more appealing to audiences.

Methodology: Trust Insights used the AHREFS SEO tool to extract 31,646 articles in February 2020 that matched the top 25 English language stopwords, such as a, and, the, etc. based on organic traffic to each article. The date of the study period is Febrary 1, 2020 – February 29, 2020. The date of extraction is March 11, 2020. Posts were de-duped by post URL. Trust Insights is the sole sponsor of the study and neither gave nor received compensation for data used, beyond applicable service fees to software vendors.

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Shiny Objects is a roundup of the best content you and others have written and shared in the last week.

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