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The reality of the current crisis is that companies like ours can offer relatively little benefit for fighting the cause of the crisis – disease. We’re not a biotech, or even a bioinformatics company. We’re a marketing analytics consulting company. Other than making donations and adhering to the guidelines set down by public health officials, there isn’t much more we can contribute to the fight.

However, we can fight the effects of the crisis – and so can nearly every company in the world, nearly every marketer. The effects of the crisis right now are primarily economic, with massive job dislocations and even greater disruption to how we get our jobs done. Helping you, our marketing community, identify where job openings exist, is one of the ways we can meaningfully help our community during and after the crisis.

How? Job sites like LinkedIn,, and many others offer robust, rich offerings when it comes to open job positions. However, as with any data, sometimes there’s too much of a good thing. What could you do to trim down the sheer amount of data? Using modern techniques and languages like Python and R, it’s possible to digest down all the jobs data into useful summaries like the top 10 titles in a market, or the top 10 companies hiring in a market.

So, beginning in this week’s newsletter, we’ll focus on a geographic market and share the top 10 open positions by title, as well as the top 10 companies hiring in marketing, analytics, data science, and machine learning, to better give you a sense of where the job market is. The section is titled “Get Back to Work”, and will be just after the news links. If you find this useful, let us know – join our free Slack group, Analytics for Marketers, and tell us.

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This week’s Bright Idea is the video debut of our podcast, In-Ear Insights. With the latest research and guidance from podcasting data experts at Edison Research, we’re going to start putting up our podcasts as video episodes as well (complete with awkward facial expressions) on the Trust Insights YouTube channel, so if you prefer to watch as well as listen, you’ll see them there.

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This week’s Rear View Mirror looks at content performance in March 2020. What were the characteristics of top-performing content?

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We start with a disclaimer: while we extracted the data in the same manner as always, the data itself is highly skewed by news about the pandemic. March – and the months to follow – will be highly irregular data, so take it with a grain of salt. The topline statistics include:

  • Tuesdays being the day when content was visited the most, in terms of traffic and clicks
  • Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays were when content was shared the most
  • Article length declined compared to the previous month; the median number of words was in the upper 500s, compared to upper 700s in months past

In terms of phrases that got attention, here’s where things really get messy:

  • The pandemic, and its variants, were among the top performing phrases for article titles
  • How to, and what you need to know continued to perform well
  • Content around being stuck and home and what to watch also performed well

What kind of guidance can we take from this? In March, the world reacted to the pandemic and the travel restrictions placed on populations for public health reasons. We see lots of content about what to do and what to watch; we expect that as the shock of the news wears off (and some audiences become fatigued by it), that more content about what to do with your time will continue to be popular. Last month was not the month to bombard people with content alternatives, as all eyes were on the news. This month, and definitely the following months, that content is likely to be more warmly received.

Methodology: Trust Insights used the AHREFS SEO tool to examine 56,000 top performing articles published in March 2020, excluding pages previously published at an earlier date, using the top 25 English language stopwords as selection criteria. Due to the selection method, there is a bias towards English language content in the data. The date of the study period is March 1-31, 2020. The date of extraction is April 7, 2020. Trust Insights is the sole sponsor of the study and neither gave nor received compensation for data used, beyond applicable service fees to software vendors, and declares no competing interests.

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Shiny Objects is a roundup of the best content you and others have written and shared in the last week.

Data Science and AI

SEO, Google, and Paid Media

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Get Back To Work

This week, we examine the metro Boston area. Got an area you’re particularly eager to learn about? Let us know in our Slack group!

Top Marketing Positions by Count

  • Marketing Manager : 239 open positions
  • Public Relations Account Manager : 182 open positions
  • Account Manager, Public Relations of Life Science/Healthcare : 139 open positions
  • Deputy Campaign Manager : 137 open positions
  • Digital Marketing Manager : 133 open positions
  • Communications and Advertising Manager : 101 open positions
  • Manager of Marketing : 86 open positions
  • Senior Accountant : 81 open positions
  • Director II, Data Science, US Design : 73 open positions
  • Associate Brand Manager : 67 open positions

Top Marketing Hiring Companies by Count

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance : 221 open positions
  • MGR : 140 open positions
  • LaVoieHealthScience : 139 open positions
  • Ben Sigel For Congress : 137 open positions
  • Array Services, LLC : 132 open positions
  • RE Mentor : 127 open positions
  • Charles River Interactive : 105 open positions
  • SBLI : 101 open positions
  • Signature Breads, Inc. : 90 open positions
  • Persivia : 86 open positions

Methodology: Trust Insights uses the API to extract open positions from a geographic area focused on marketing analytics, marketing, social media, data science, machine learning, advertising, and public relations, with a filter to screen out the most junior positions.

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