Wont somebody think of the people

Won’t somebody think of the people?!

This week, we’re talking about the unsung heroes of Marketing and Data Science. The people! We cover it from the perspective of data analytics on the podcast and talk about who needs to execute your marketing on the Livestream.

We spend so much time on the strategy, the tools, and the outcomes that we tend to forget that we need people to do all of these things. Chris asked me one time, why is that? I didn’t have a great answer (and still don’t) but it’s something I constantly think about now.

I started to think through the standard frameworks that I use, like the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), the AI Framework, or the Data Hierarchy. Even thinking about other frameworks like STEM, SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces, or 4Ps of Marketing – none of these mentions the people who need to do the work, or the skillsets required.

While I can’t say why we forget to factor in people, I can talk through some tips on how to do better.

Don’t plan in a vacuum

This might be the best piece of advice I can give you for pretty much anything. Don’t plan in a vacuum. This means, involving more than just your out-of-touch executives in the planning process. Often, companies bring the highest-paid C-Suite people in to create a strategy without thinking about who actually needs to do the work. If you changed how you create a plan and involve the people you think will need to do the work you may be surprised at what you find out. You could learn that your team has deeper and more advanced skills than you were aware of. Conversely, you may learn that your team is stretched so thin that asking them to do one more thing could create a mass exodus. Involve your people. Engage them. Give them some ownership over what is being asked.

User stories

On one hand, thinking about the people who need to execute the plan is important. The other side is the people who need to make a decision with the information. They could be one in the same or perhaps they never interact at all. The best way to think about this situation is with user stories. Yes, I talk about these a lot. The reason is that they are incredibly useful when thinking through who cares about the plan, the project, and the outcome. I would challenge you to dig deep and think through every single person internally and externally in your organization that might care about your plan. This exercise will give you really strong insight into the direction you need to take.

As a [persona], I want to [action], so that [outcome].

5P Framework

When in doubt about where to start, use the Trust Insights 5P Framework.
The 5Ps are Purpose, People, Process, Platform, and Performance. At a high level, you’re factoring in the people involved in the project. It’s an opportunity to determine if you have the right resources or if you need to start posting for new positions.

The bottom line is that all the tech, processes, platforms, algorithms, and gadgets won’t matter if you don’t have the people to operate them and make decisions. Put your people front and center when you’re making plans and creating strategies for your organization.

How do you factor in people? Let me know in our Free Slack Group, Analytics for Marketers



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