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Writing prompts for marketers aka blog idea generators

You know what doesn’t exist? Writing prompts for marketers.

Hold on, hold on. Before you start telling me I’m wrong, hear me out.

If you do a browser search for “writing prompts” or “writing prompt generators” you get plenty – but they are all for writing fiction.

If you qualify your search with “for marketing” you get results like “Top 10 lists of the best content”.

Neither is what I’m looking for. I’m really looking for blog idea generators and so are you.

I previously wrote this post about creating compelling content so I figured that would be a good place to start. You can use your keyword or topic list to break the ice and start writing your content. Many SEO tools have “questions” built in.

But what if you’re really stuck and/or don’t have access to an SEO tool? What you want are blog idea generators. Here are a few that I was able to find and vet (without having to sign up for anything):

Hubspot Blog Generator

I’m already a Hubspot user and fan, so this seemed like a generator I could trust to give me decent prompts. You can add up to five nouns (your topics) and the generator will give you prompts, or headlines. This tool was pretty good and I would recommend it if you have a topic but have no idea where to start. You might get the spark of a new idea.

Similar to Hubspot’s blog generator, gives you prompts based on your topic and a rough idea of what you might want to write about. I felt like the headlines generated by this tool were a little more spot-on than Hubspot. Just one person’s opinion.

Portent Idea Generator

This one might be my favorite, only because it’s a bit wacky. Like the others, you put in your topic and it will suggest headlines for you. What’s different is that it’s a little more clickbaity which I would advise against for your writing. However, because it’s off-the-wall (ex: Why digital marketing is scarier than clowns) it can break out of your writer’s block by helping you stop overthinking. Just me? Ok. Moving on.

So – have I broken my writer’s block? Not really. But I had fun exploring these tools. I’m excited to know that I don’t have to wing it when I’m stumped on what to write about.

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