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Social Media Benchmarks

This data was originally featured in the September 21, 2022 newsletter, found here: https://www.trustinsights.ai/blog/2022/09/inbox-insights-september-21-2022-ai-for-content-creation-social-media-engagement/

In this week’s Data Diaries, let’s talk about social media benchmarks, which is also the topic of this week’s livestream. What social network is delivering the kinds of engagement we, as marketers, would be interested in?

In partnership with our colleagues at Agorapulse, we see that for many companies and businesses, engagement rates on major social networks typically hover around 1% or less:

Agorapulse benchmark

Of note, in the last couple of months, we’ve seen Facebook and Instagram begin to perform again for brands and influencers in this dataset. There’s no way to confirm it, but our suspicion is that as Meta continues to lose audience to other platforms, they’ll ease up on brand restrictions just to keep people on the platform.

So, where might people be going for engagement? The one platform Meta is gunning for: TikTok. While we have no way of analyzing the platform as a whole, we’ve been monitoring 30 marketing-related hashtags this year, like #b2bmarketing, #emailmarketing, #ecommerce, #analytics, etc. These are not wildly popular hashtags, but in terms of performance, take a look:

Tiktok business hashtags

You’re seeing that correctly. TikTok’s performance for videos using boring marketing hashtags is a median engagement rate of approximately 9%.

Nine percent.

On boring stuff.

And it’s not going down.

This is the reason Meta and everyone else is trying to decode and replicate the TikTok model – because for content performance, it’s obliterating nearly every other social network. So the question becomes – using these baselines as a glimpse into what’s working right now, how will this change your marketing strategy and tactics? Will you be increasing your marketing focus on channels that are delivering performance?

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