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Be remarkably human

This content was originally featured in the October 18, 2023 found here:

I was about to give some perspective on the Data Diaries post that Chris wrote for this week. I happened to see that Christina Garnett posted on LinkedIn similar sentiments.

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You can read the full post here.

In her post, Christina says, “Be remarkably human”. And she’s exactly right. AI is giving us this gift of time. Time to deepen relationships. Time to follow other passions. Time to be human.

In his post, Chris gives examples of how to use AI to summarize data. He gives two versions, the manual and the automated. Both versions require some level of understanding of AI.

It can feel daunting to try to keep up. Keeping up can feel demoralizing when AI is constantly evolving. AI is changing at break neck speed.

What you need to do is decide for yourself how much you want to participate. Some will say that you have no choice. This is only partially true. The tools and platforms you love will incorporate AI into them, making you a user of AI. But you can choose to not be “all-AI-all-day”. And that’s ok. It does not make your skillset any less valuable.

The world needs humans. Humans that are empathetic. Humans that listen. Humans that care. AI isn’t going to do those things for us. We are still in charge of our emotions.

I’ll keep it short this week. Let AI do the hard work, the repetitive work, the boring work. As Christina said, you get to be remarkably human.

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