Data in the Headlights, 6 June 2018

Data In The Headlights

For all who endured the race to readiness for GDPR, we salute you. GDPR’s relatively quiet launch may have opened the door to more regulation. Why? On one hand, it came and went without immediate, world-ending consequences. On the other hand, continued findings of data abuse by major companies like Facebook encourage even the least-qualified people (politicians) to call for more privacy regulation and scrutiny of what companies do with our data.

Give that some thought as we dig into this issue’s data…

The Bright Idea

In this issue’s Bright Idea, we discuss cheese. Who loves cheese? Lots of people love cheese. We’re showcasing a fun way to see predictive analytics in action, with Cheese of the Week. Cheese of the Week uses public search data, forecasted 52 weeks in advance from today (5 June 2018) to show when audiences in America are most interested in the different kinds of cheeses. The darker a number’s background is and the bigger the number, the more interested they are. Click on the image to go to the forecasting tool:

If you were a Maître Fromager or a Certified Cheese Professional, you’d likely want to know what cheeses to focus on in your restaurant, winery, or your cheese content marketing to ensure you were as relevant as possible every week. Sort the columns by cheese, then build an editorial calendar or a cheese content calendar for every week of the next year.

Try out Cheese of the Week here!

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