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Friday Learning with Trust Insights #FridayLearning

Even when we’re called in as experts, we are also perpetual students and internally actively participate in Friday Learning (#fridaylearning). In our mission to light up dark data sometimes the path to getting things lit has some interesting lessons. Some fun, some exciting, some brutally painful. We queue them up and publish for others that find the same path.

It’s a short week so we have a short list of things for our #fridaylearning that we wanted to share with you:

Right Database For The Right Data Problem

@cspenn Don’t use a technology just because it seems like the cool thing. Solve for the actual problem you have. This week, I saw someone use MongoDB (a NoSQL database) for what was clearly and indisputably a relational database (SQL database) problem. Right tool for the right job.

Create Dashboard From Pivot Table

@johnjwall Pivot tables and spreadsheets are useful for data exploration and can help you find answers. The weakness is if your customers (internal or external) find the reports useful you’re going to have to find a way to automate that into a dashboard or spend the rest of your life in spreadsheet hell.

Which jobs are safe from Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning?

@katierobbert AI will not take jobs, AI will take tasks. All jobs across all sectors, industries, and teams have tasks that are redundant and repeatable. There may be pieces of your job that AI will take over but people are still needed. However, if your whole job consists of repeatable tasks you should be worried.


When we think about how technology is changing and shaping our culture and our jobs, we need to push ourselves to keep learning, growing, and evolving. It’s in your best interest to continually consume new information and stretch your brain. What did you learn this week? Share your #FriLearning in the comments!

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