In The Headlights: July 17, 2019 Issue

In The Headlights

Before we begin, a special announcement. We’re holding a half-day Google Analytics for B2B Marketers Bootcamp in Washington, DC on October 15, 2019. Come get your analytics in shape in this half-day, hands-on event. Click/tap here to learn more and register.

I saw a great Lego commercial the other night on Instagram.

It was hilarious – a little toy Lego airport gate with the Lego character announcer saying, “Folks on flight 315, we’ve hit a bit of a delay on the flight because a child has removed both wings from the plane. Also, for those in Economy Plus, Economy Plus has been removed by the child and replaced with a garbage truck at the back of the plane.”

The skit went on for a little while after that, but I was hooked. I laughed, both as a business traveler and as a parent of a child who does exactly that with Lego toys.

I couldn’t share the ad (because ad posts are treated differently), so I went to their YouTube channel to see if it was there. It wasn’t.

What a miss.

A company created an ad that was so good, a consumer wanted to share it. That’s the holy grail of advertising, ads so good that they’re great content on their own.

And then they didn’t make it shareable.

As awesome as advanced technologies and techniques like AI, machine learning, and data science are, we marketers cannot lose sight of the basics of marketing: make things people want to share, and make things easy to share.

The Bright Idea

The Bright Idea

This week’s Bright Idea is our AI/machine learning project framework. We use this framework to help manage and govern our projects, and this 1-page PDF (free, no form fill needed) will help you start to manage your own projects.

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In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It

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Shiny Objects

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