INBOX INSIGHTS, November 3, 2021: 1 Question, Small Business Resources, Marketing Budgets

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Small Business Resources

Last week I came across a new business in my town. It’s a small, organic, family-owned grocery store and deli. I’ve seen them trying to open for the past year. I happened to be passing by and was surprised to see that there were lights on inside. When I went in, the owners were milling about, ready to help me with anything I needed.

When I got home I looked them up on the internet and saw that Facebook had them listed as “temporarily closed” and they didn’t have a website. I messaged them to let them know about their Facebook status and the owner replied, “I had no idea, I can’t see what you see. Thanks!” He fixed the issue and hopefully it will help him get some foot traffic.

It got me thinking about what it takes to open a small business and the available resources. Having done this myself I can say with confidence I had no idea what I was doing and zero clue about the resources available to me. So I asked our slack community what resources they knew of and as always, they came through. Here’s what they offered:


SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, is dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals. Since 1964, we have provided education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs.

Small Business Association

Created in 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) continues to help small business owners and entrepreneurs pursue the American dream. SBA is the only cabinet-level federal agency fully dedicated to small business and provides counseling, capital, and contracting expertise as the nation’s only go-to resource and voice for small businesses.

Hubspot (courses)

The set of free Hubspot courses covers topics like advertising, blogging, branding, lead generation, and SEO – to name a few.

Meltwater (courses)

Meltwater offers free online courses that will teach you about social media, social listening, influencer marketing, and more.

Growth Mentor

Growth Mentor will help pair you 1:1 with an accomplished growth marketing and startup mentor to assist you in building your business and offer support.

Google Primer

Google Primer is a great, easy to use educational mobile app, teaching the basics of marketing and PR for small businesses.

Online Communities

Communities like Slack, Discord, Twitter, and other social media can be invaluable for connecting with other small business owners who have been where you are. You can ask questions, learn from what others have done, share your knowledge as well.

Primer is a free, fast and easy way to learn new business and digital marketing skills. Primer works offline too, so you can take a lesson on business planning, management, sales, digital advertising, social media, content marketing, SEO, analytics, branding, and more whenever you have 5 minutes free – anytime, anywhere.

In addition to these resources, I learned that a lot of agencies will help a small business get set up for free. You just have to ask!

Do you know a small business that could use these resources? Please share!

As the holidays are fast approaching, consider shopping from a small business. They will certainly appreciate your support!

What resources would you add to the list? Let me know in our free Slack group, Analytics for Marketers!

– Katie Robbert, CEO

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Data Diaries - Interesting Data We Found

In this week’s Data Diaries, we wanted to return to looking at Slack and Discord. A couple of months ago when we last looked in on these two private community platforms, it seemed like they were growing insanely fast. Is that still true?

Slack and Discord

In a word, yes. Since 2019, Slack and Discord have both been growing like weeds. Discord in particular got a big shot in the arm at the start of the pandemic, and has been on a tear since.

The two networks have marched in lockstep in terms of growth; halfway through 2021, we see new community starts reach an all-time high of 49,180 Discord servers created in a month and 14,001 Slack instances created in a month.

What are the major topics covered by the most popular communities? On Slack, they are:

  1. Cryptocurrencies
  2. Coding libraries like three.js and tools like Selenium
  3. General IT

On Discord, they are:

  1. Mature entertainment
  2. Discord bots
  3. Reddit communities

By looking at the top communities in each service, we see they serve very, very different audiences. If you’re considering creating a community for your audience, survey them first to determine which, if any, they use already.

Methodology: Trust Insights extracted 1,025,990 unique URLs for links to Slack instances and 1,052,242 unique URLs for links to Discord servers using the AHREFS SEO software. Data may be skewed by content publishers automatically changing publish dates of content to fool search engines. The timeframe of the data is January 1, 2019 – November 3, 2021. The date of study is November 3, 2021. Trust Insights is the sole sponsor of the study and neither gave nor received compensation for data used, beyond applicable service fees to software vendors, and declares no competing interests.

Weekly Wrapup

This is a roundup of the best content you and others have written and shared in the last week.

SEO, Google, and Paid Media

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Data Science and AI

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