Goal setting is a community activity

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Goal setting can be deeply personal for some people. Goal setting is also how businesses thrive and survive. But this post isn’t about how to set a goal. This post is about what to do once you set the goal and want to reach it.

Whether you have a personal goal or a professional goal, you need a community.

All of this to say, if ever there was a time of year where people set goals, both personal and professional, this would be it. Oh, and here’s the data – the peaks show Dec-Jan since 2004 of people searching for “goal setting”.

December Google Trends for Goal Setting chart

Let’s say your goal is to compete in the Olympics. You may be the one training, but you’re not getting there alone. You have a coach to guide you. You have a nutritionist to set a plan for you. You may have a team that you train with. You have friends and family to motivate you and cheer you on. That’s your community.

Think about your business, your company, your team. You likely have goals that you’re working on setting for the next fiscal year. Once those goals are set, how do you achieve them? With the help of your community.

Start thinking about the people around you as a your community, instead of staff or just people to delegate to. Consider it a mindset shift. It’s a great way to get your team more involved, give them a sense of ownership and help with accountability.

This morning, I had a bit of breakthrough in how we, Trust Insights, would do a better job of reaching our goals. I may be the one setting the goals, but I am surely not the only one working to meet them. First, I talked with Chris about what the company needed from him. Then I talked with my right hand woman, Emilee, about what the company needed from her. I checked in with a good friend because I admittedly needed the reassurance.

I turned to my community to start the process of achieving the goals that have been set. I gave everyone sense of ownership and expectations. We’re going to work together to meet our goals. Oh, and don’t worry – John and I will connect soon too. He doesn’t get out of this exercise!

Your community is going to be unique to you. My advice is to not try and go it alone. Activate people around you. Give them responsibilities, even if it’s only to cheer you on. Just because you set the goal and will do the work the reach the goal, lean on those around you to support the goal and keep you accountable.

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