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The Secret to Producing Content At Scale

This cold open was originally featured in the March 3, 2021 newsletter found here:

The Secret to Producing Content At Scale

One of the questions I hear the most is, “How do you produce so much content?” With a weekly podcast, weekly live stream, daily blog posts, two weekly newsletters, one daily newsletter, social posts, etc. it does seem like a lot. There are two secrets to producing at scale.

Secret #1: Repurpose. The first secret is an obvious, open secret. Take a look at how we do things like our livestream – we air it on Thursdays, then capture and transcribe it on Fridays, and parts of the content work their way into the following week’s newsletters and social posts. That’s fairly obvious but something many marketers don’t do enough of. Make the best use of the content you’re already generating.

Now for the big secret.

Secret #2: Listen. Listen? Yes, listen. Listen carefully to what people are asking about and respond to it, either directly or conceptually. Almost every piece of content we produce comes from listening to what other people are asking. Years ago, sales coach Marcus Sheridan published a book whose thesis is summed up in the title alone: They Ask, You Answer. It’s such a powerful thesis that you don’t even need to read the book to understand and implement it.

If you were to go behind the scenes on the last 5 pieces of content I wrote to determine the source material, you’d see something like this:

  • Does content length predict traffic generated? – came from a Twitter chat.
  • Impact of current events on email marketing – came from a phone call with a friend
  • KPIs are notification thresholds – came from a conference session I watched
  • What is thought leadership? – came from a disagreement I had with someone on a livestream
  • Advice for casino marketers – came from a question on Slack

None of these came out of the blue. They’re all responses and thoughts to external sources, and they all came from listening.

So, how do you do this for yourself? Look at the variety of sources listed above. Phone calls. Meetings. Conference sessions. Livestreams. If you’re open and willing, you’ll see and hear so many things that will prompt your content creation. There’s no fancy AI technology at work, no crazy mathematics or statistics – just listening to people and responding to them. Keep a journal, notebook, or whatever recording method you prefer, and as you encounter questions in your work each day, make note of them. Within a very short period of time, you’ll have a ton of prompts to start generating content.

You can become a content dynamo, a content monster producer just by listening and responding to the questions and comments people are making in your industry. It’s the fastest way to scale your valuable content production.

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