The 5P Framework: The Trust Insights Approach

I thought you did data analysis? We do.

I thought you did AI and Machine Learning. We do.

I thought you could fix my Google Analytics. We can.

I thought you could give me an SEO plan. We can.

So why the pivot to change management? Everything we do at Trust Insights is a project. And a project needs structure in order to be repeatable and measurable. Additionally, people are at the core of the success of each project. We realized after a few years of working with our clients that we kept falling into the same kind of structure with the goal of effecting change.

Thus, the pivot to change management and the 5P Framework. Change Management puts a stronger focus on how these projects will impact the people in the organization. The services we provide haven’t changed but the approach has gotten more thoughtful. Every project will need to answer the same five questions:

Purpose – why are we doing this?
People – who needs to be involved?
Process – how are we going to accomplish this?
Platform – what tools will we need?
Performance – how will we measure success?

We’ve always tried to answer those questions with each engagement but now we’re putting more guardrails around the planning. What we’ve found is that the 5P framework can apply to any project at any time. It gives us the information we need and it helps to set expectations with the clients.

Frameworks lend a certain amount of transparency and predictability to a project. Those are things that are important to us. We want our clients to know exactly what we’re doing and what to expect at the end.

You can find our list of services here:

With each service will come more agility and organization.

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