Trust Insights 5P Framework

Trust Insights Change Management 5P Framework

Ready for a change? Introducing the 5P Framework.

Management Consulting. Marketing Consulting. Strategic Consulting. Change Management Consulting. Analytics Consulting.

We have never been able to nail down the exact term for what it is that we do at Trust Insights. Chris and I do very different things but fortunately for us the skills are complementary.

When we sit down and try to sort it out we always come back to the same basic thing – we want to affect positive change in an organization. Sometimes that is through their data and process, sometimes it’s through their team members and expectation setting. There is no shortage of change management frameworks and I realized it’s time that we put our own stake in the ground.

Change is hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big change, small change, personal or professional change. It doesn’t come easy and the more people involved the more of a headache it can become.

As we at Trust Insights are undergoing some of our own changes with our branding, messaging, and portfolio of services it made me stop and reflect on the micro and macro changes that are going on as a result and what I plan to do about it to make those changes as smooth as possible. Introducing the Trust Insights 5P Framework. 

5P Framework

How am I applying the 5P Framework to Trust Insights?

Purpose: We always start with purpose but we’re doing our best to formalize it moving forward. I will always challenge us to clearly articulate the question we’re trying to answer. I will ensure that we’re clear about the problem we’re trying to solve. If we cannot answer the question, “what is the purpose?” we’ll pause until we can.

People: I’m being 100% transparent with my team (Chris and John) about any and all changes that we’re undergoing. Why? There may be side effects to them that I am not aware of. I’m also working with our community and clients to communicate any impact that they might experience. Fortunately, they can expect the same team and same level of service – it might just be a little more polished. As far as new services being rolled out, I want to make sure we clearly walk through expectations such as what you’re buying from Trust Insights, what the value is to you as a customer, and how you can measure success. Stay tuned for more on this.

Process: How are we rolling out these changes? Is there a transition plan for the current state and the future state? Do we have any data that needs to be factored it? Are we concerned about the time investment short term and long term? Are the changes scaleable? While I don’t have answers to all of the questions, this is where I’m starting to help ensure that the decisions that are being made will have a positive impact on Trust Insights.

Platform: The changes that we’re making will have little to no effect on the platforms we’re using to run the business and serve our customers. The difference is that we will challenge ourselves and our clients to put the platform last. When we choose platform first, we limit what we can do with people and process.

Performance: Everything we do needs to have an outcome. We’re a small team with limited resources and our best chance of success is doing things with a purpose. Ah, see what I did there? If we have a clear purpose, we can measure performance. Did we answer the question? Did we solve the problem?

So what?

Why am I rambling on about change and what does it mean for you? I’m sharing this information because change is not easy – whether it be taking action with your data, creating a new organizational structure, or even communicating that you’ve updated your company logo. There are basic steps that you can take to make sure that any change you’re implementing is successful.

1) Make sure you’re accounting for all of the people that might be impacted by the change and talk to them about what they need to do (if anything)
2) Review your current processes that are related to the changes you’re making and see if there are any updates that need to be made. Then go back to your people and make sure they know what’s different.
3) Audit your platforms – such as your email delivery system or CRM – to make sure they meet the needs of the changes you’re implementing. Then go back to your people and process to make sure they are all aligned.

What does this mean for the work we’re doing? Nothing other than better communication around our consistent approach to helping our clients do better things.

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