Downside of Shortcuts

Downside of Shortcuts

This data was originally featured in the April 24, 2024 newsletter found here: INBOX INSIGHTS, APRIL 24, 2024: DOWNSIDE OF SHORTCUTS, AI USE CASE IDENTIFICATION

There are no shortcuts in life.

That’s a lie.

There are plenty of short cuts. The question a short cut raises when presented is whether or not you should take it.

Taylor Swift’s trainer has commented that she worked out six days a week and her routine would make most people sit down and cry. When she performs 3.5 hours three nights in a row, she makes it look effortless. She did not take any short cuts.

Stephen King writes for 4 hours a day, every single day. He has written over 70 books and sold over 400 million of those books world wide. His name is synonymous with horror. He did not take any short cuts.

Simone Biles trains up to 7 hours a day six days a week. She has 37 World and Olympic medals. She is the most decorated gymnast in history. She did not take any short cuts.

Why am I telling you this? Because you (and I) need to manage our expectations when it comes to success.

You cannot sneeze without someone mentioning generative AI. There are lots of real (and fake) experts out there claiming that they have the magic solution, the short cuts. Here are 5 tips, 10 prompts, 30 steps, to master generative AI today!

Here’s the thing. Generative AI is software. And like any new software, there is a learning curve. Some will climb that hill faster than others. With generative AI, there are a vast number of use cases. Because of that, there are a lot of moving pieces to learn and master.

We like to pick on Chris Penn and say that he tinkers all day and night with generative AI. The truth is, he is! He’s putting in the time, the hours, the practice. He’s honing his skills. He’s turning over every rock that generative AI puts down. When you ask him just about anything about generative AI he knows the answer.

I, on the other hand, never stop trying to understand people. I’m constantly alert to how people act. I am researching behaviors. I am learning about body language. I am finding new ways to solve old communication problems. If I really think about it, it might be why I’m so obsessed with true crime. I’m trying to understand human nature. The more I understand, the more effective I can be at my job.

When we step on stage to give a talk about AI, marketing, or something else, know that we’ve been working on it for months. We’re building, refining, practicing, practicing more, and then recording. The goal is to step on stage and deliver a high value experience. What happens if the slides don’t work? No problem. The mics aren’t functional? Not an issue. We’ve rehearsed these scenarios so that if they happen, we’re ready.

Imagine if Taylor Swift decided to step on stage without putting on all the hours she did at the gym ahead of her tour. Could she put on a show? Sure. Would it be great? Maybe the first time. But she would not have the stamina to do it over and over every night and deliver a spectacular experience. She wouldn’t be able to recover between shows. She would let her fans down.

The point is that to really master something, like generative AI, there are no short cuts. If you take the hundreds of short cuts that people are offering, you’re missing out on actually learning the system. You’ll scrape the surface, but never really understand how it works.

This kind of discipline is a quality you want in a subject matter expert. If you’re looking to bring someone into your business, to collaborate with your team, you want the best. You want someone who lives and breathes the tools. You want someone who hasn’t taken short cuts.

If you’re looking for someone to help your team get up to speed on generative AI, give us a shout!

What are you doing to skill up? Reply to this email to tell me or come join the conversation in our Free Slack Group, Analytics for Marketers.

– Katie Robbert, CEO

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