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You can collect data with just about everything you do these days, from how many steps you take to how many glasses of water you consume. Companies big and small have followed suit and collect data at every turn, on every interaction and every click. The problem is that unless they are all captured in the same system, the same way, it’s really difficult to figure out what story the data is telling and how to make decisions with it. This is the issue that I found working with a lot of different companies. There wasn’t a lack of data, it’s that the data was so disconnected and incomplete that it wasn’t easy to understand or actionable.

These were the factors and questions I had in mind when I decided to launch Trust Insights along with Christopher Penn. And after months of planning, it’s invigorating to be launching the new business today.

The challenge that we identified is that most companies generate enormous amounts of data that goes unused and doesn’t connect well enough to tell a whole story. This includes everything from marketing analytics to ERP data to customer experience to product development generates significant amounts of data that isn’t exploited for insights that could help the business improve customer experience, lower operating costs, or predict consumer behaviors that could inform planning and product development.

To help resolve that challenge, Chris and I took a look at what we were most interested in: artificial intelligence, machine learning, data governance, organizational behavior, and change management. With our combined expertise we realized that the best approach to helping businesses make better, faster decisions was going to be through a blend of public and proprietary tools to fix, connect, understand, predict and act on your data, transforming it into real business impact.

That’s how Trust Insights came about. While the core of the business is data processing, the outcome of that data is to work side-by-side with people to make better, smarter decisions. Change is hard, big or small. The best way to effect change and measure impact is to have data to back up the decision, and people who have your best interest as their priority.

You’ll get a lot of content from Trust Insights that talks about innovation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data governance, and big data. Before going down that path I wanted to remind you all that behind the bots are real people that want to do good work.

Welcome – we light up dark data and we can’t wait to work you!

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