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New Research: Social Media Influencer Benchmarks for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

For our one-year anniversary, we contemplated many ways to celebrate. Cake. Self-indulgent blog posts filled with navel gazing. Office party. All the things companies normally do to celebrate a milestone. The catch is, of course, that these things matter to no one except the people who work at the company. So instead, we made useful content instead, something that would benefit you, because without you, we wouldn’t still be here.

2019 Social Media Influencer Benchmark

Can’t see anything? Watch it on YouTube here.

Influencer marketing is, as forecasted in our 2019 Key Marketing Trends report, the hottest form of social media marketing in the world right now. In 2019, interest in influencer marketing is forecasted to be 180% higher than in 2018.

However, marketers want to know what expectations to set:

  • Who are the influencers?
  • What metrics and benchmarks should they set?
  • Is the whole micro-influencer movement credible?
  • What’s a realistic outcome from an influencer marketing program?

We answer these questions and many more in our 2019 Social Media Influencer Benchmarks report. In it, we look at over 12 million social posts from tens of thousands of influencers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to give you real, recent numbers about influencer performance.

2019 Social Media Influencer Benchmarks

With this report, you’ll have a better idea of where to spend your time, what influencers are likely to perform best, and yes, even things like how many hashtags influencers use and how long their posts are.

What do you do with this report?

  • Set audience and engagement expectations for influencers you hire
  • Choose social channels for influencer marketing based on your goals
  • Scale back on channels where influencers aren’t as impactful

We built this report because we tried to find the information out on the web and varying “data” sites charge anywhere from $50 to $300 to download a report… from 2017 data. That doesn’t help you today. So, instead, we’re giving it to you.

Click here to download your copy for free today as our birthday gift to you »

Thank you for your support over the past year and we hope, in the years to come.

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