INBOX INSIGHTS, May 31, 2023: Universal Analytics Migration, LGBTQ+ Hate Crimes

INBOX INSIGHTS: Universal Analytics Migration, LGBTQ+ Hate Crimes (5/31) :: View in browser

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Should You Migrate Universal Analytics data?

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of the clock ticking, telling you that time is running out to move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4! As of this post, you have 30 days!

What’s that? You already did? Ok, great!

Well, hold on a second. Did you also migrate your many years worth of Universal Analytics out of the system and into a separate database?

Yikes! No one said anything about having to export and migrate Universal Analytics data.

Google mentions it here.

“In the coming months, we’ll provide a future date for when existing Universal Analytics properties will no longer be available. After this future date, you’ll no longer be able to see your Universal Analytics reports in the Analytics interface or access your Universal Analytics data via the API.”

Basically, Google will only allow you to access your Universal Analytics data for a few months after they switch to GA4. They offer some guidance about exporting your data into a csv or other type of file – but many of us have years worth and multiple properties to consider.

Before we all collectively panic, and you have every right to do so, let’s assess the situation.

The first question you need to ask is, “Do I need my Universal Analytics data?”

You probably said yes. We’re all data hoarders. We like to keep our data, “just in case”.

But holding onto and storing years and years of data isn’t a reality for everyone. Not only do you have to house your data somewhere, but you need to be able to access and read it. None of these things are easy when it comes to data.

To be clear, this post is not about telling you how to migrate Universal Analytics data. We’ll be doing that on the livestream. You can tune in every Thursday at 1pm EST at

This post is about helping you determine if it’s worth the effort to migrate Universal Analytics data. The process of data migration is not a small undertaking. So before you dedicate resources to this, you should be positive you need the data.

Let’s try again. Do you need all that historical data?

A better question is this, “When was the last time you made a decision with your Universal Analytics data?” If it was within the past six months, you probably need at least some of your historical data. If it was within the past few weeks, you definitely need your historical data. However, if you haven’t made a decision with your data in the past year and only casually look at it, you might consider letting it go.

I know, blasphemy. But this is a good time for all of us to be honest with ourselves. Google Analytics data can tell you a lot of information but if it doesn’t align with your business goals, it might not be worth trying to salvage.

The most straightforward way to approach this question is with a KPI map. You thought I was going to say the 5Ps – tricked you!

A KPI (key performance indicator) map is a hierarchy of data points. At the top of the map are your goals. These are things like revenue, memberships, etc. The next level down are the metrics that tell you if you’re on track. These are things like goal completions, sign ups, check out data. You can keep tracing down the line for each KPI. For example, your goal is revenue. You get revenue by sales from your website. Sales happen by cart fills, and cart fills happen when people come to your site and select products. You can see where this is going. A KPI map helps you keep your data focused.

If you know you need your historical Universal Analytics data, start mapping exactly what you need. This will help you narrow down the scope of work to move your data out of one system and into another. Migrating your data takes time, patience, attention to detail and can be costly. Be sure you’re taking only what you need and let go of the rest.

Are you migrating your data?

Reply to this email, or come join the conversation in our Free Slack Group, Analytics for Marketers.

– Katie Robbert, CEO

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Data Diaries: Interesting Data We Found

In this week’s Data Diaries, we’re going to take a quick detour. As is custom every year, we do a report using the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting database to examine hate crimes against LGBTQ+ folks in advance of Pride Month. Why? Because as important as it is to celebrate Pride Month (and other celebrations of diversity, equity, and inclusion), it’s equally important to acknowledge that we’ve still got a long way to go for improving equality for everyone.

The good news is that after a disastrous 2020, hate crimes specifically against the LGBTQ+ community have receded to 2019 levels, though those are still historically quite high:

Hate crimes against LGBTQ folks per year

In this special report, we detail hate crimes overall, hate crimes specifically against the LGBTQ+ community, and the 8 things anyone can do – including you – to be a helpful ally for the reduction of hate. Dig into the remaining charts and see what you can do to help!

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