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Why should you join a professional community?

This content was originally featured in the January 10th, 2024 newsletter found here: PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITIES, RED TEAMING CUSTOM GPTS

Over winter break, I spent a lot of time reflecting and taking in information. Part of that was taking classes with the Peloton Community. If you don’t belong to the Peloton Community, you might see it as a “cult”. If you do belong, you know why you keep going back for more.

Part of what I get out of this community are things to think about. All the instructors have catchphrases. Many of them use their classes to share stories, drop wisdom, and provoke thought. Some of the quotes that have stuck with me are:

– It’s not either/or, it’s both/and
– Make modifications not excuses
– Progress over perfection
– Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway

I cannot say that in all the years I’ve been working out I’ve ever gotten so much out of a program. And a lot of it comes down to how strong the community is. I recently joined a team with Gini Dietrich (if you know how she rides, you know that I need your prayers). A few years ago, this isn’t something I would have ever done. I’ve always been someone who thought I was better off doing it alone.

Until now.

The Peloton community got me thinking. Why is it so accepted to join a community in your personal life and seek out support? And why isn’t true in the professional world? We build teams but then we silo them. We ask people to perform at their best, but we don’t provide them a support system.

In fitness, you’re encouraged to find a coach and an accountability partner (Gini is mine). The more people you have involved, the more successful you’ll be. This is true both of team and individual sports. In the workplace, you’re told to get your work done, stop distracting other people, and figure it out on your own.

Big, huge disclaimer – this is not true of all workplaces. There are many companies that have embraced community culture. For those that haven’t, I’m talking to you. I’ve mostly worked at companies that want you to be a self-sufficient lone wolf. Everything else is a waste of time. When I look back at those experiences, I realize how much I missed out on.

My goal today is to help you convince your company why prioritizing communities is a smart move in 2024.

Support, encouragement and accountability

Since the dawn of time, humans have been in search of their tribe. Modern day communities are no different. We inherently want to find our “people”. Groups with shared interests can support and encourage us. They can also offer accountability where we otherwise might not find it at our companies or on our teams.

Continual learning and diverse perspectives

One of the key advantages of joining a community is gaining access to individuals from diverse backgrounds. I grew up in a town where the majority of people shared similar characteristics and experiences as me. It wasn’t until I went to college that I became aware of how limited my understanding of the world had been. Engaging with a diverse community allows you to pose questions that yield a wide range of perspectives. As members share their personal stories, you’ll discover yourself learning from their unique experiences.

A few companies ago, I didn’t realize how sheltered I was in the professional world. My ecosystem consisted of my coworkers, their experiences, and well…that was it. I spent a decade learning everything I knew about business from the same small group of people. When I left that company for a new role, my mind was blown. I felt like I knew nothing and I was so far behind everyone else. I wish I been a part of a professional community outside of my job. I wish I had known that communities existed. If I had, I would have been set up for more success when I moved on. I may have even been able to bring more back to my current role and not felt the need to leave.

Expanding your network

Joining a professional community has an obvious benefit. It allows you to expand your network. You have an opportunity to meet and connect with people outside of your normal circles. If you keep your circle small, you’ll limit your opportunities and your learning will be narrow. Being a better professional, even a better person, means opening up your world and your mind.

Let’s make 2024 the year of normalizing being a part of something bigger, asking for support, and learning from our peers. The motto of Peloton is “together we go far”. What is your motto going to be?

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