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INBOUND 2018 Recap

We had the pleasure of attending and speaking at INBOUND18, inbound marketing’s signature annual conference put on by Hubspot. This year’s event featured speakers from across the marketing spectrum. Let’s take a quick walk through some of what the audience thought were the key points, based on social audience engagement.

  • Deepak Chopra: “Human beings would rather be criticized than ignored.” – 190 engagements, shared by INBOUND
  • Shonda Rhimes: “What’s the point of being a woman in power if you can’t help women be in power?” – 182 engagements, shared by INBOUND
  • Beth Comstock: “Focus 70% on what’s NOW, 20% on what’s NEXT, And 10% on what’s NEW. What’s your 10%?” – 148 engagements, shared by Christine Gritmon
  • Dharmesh Shah: “Own your screw ups. We all make mistakes. Just say sorry, be sorry, and make it better.” – 133 engagements, shared by INBOUND
  • Brent Chudoba: “If the first thing you’re doing in the morning is checking your inbox, that’s probably not a good idea. That’s letting other people prioritize your day.” – 125 engagements, shared by INBOUND
  • Scott Harrison: “Why shouldn’t charities have epic, inspiring brands? Why shouldn’t we care about the way we create and the excellence of that work?” – 118 engagements, shared by INBOUND
  • Anjali Sud: “What I’ve learned is that, particularly in today’s world, effective marketing requires equal right brain and left brain thinking. It requires empathy, it requires you to move people.” – 109 engagements, shared by INBOUND

And the who’s who of INBOUND18, using our algorithm for who was most talked ABOUT (a more reliable measure of influence than who’s the loudest or who has the largest following). Click the image for an interactive version!

INBOUND18 Network Map

Congratulations to Dharmesh Shah, Shonda Rhimes, Beth Comstock, Deepak Chopra, Dan Gingiss, Brian Halligan, Scott Harrison, and Innovation Women – you’re who INBOUD18 looked up to and talked to the most on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Thanks to our data partner, Brand24, for providing the raw data for our algorithm.

If you missed our session at INBOUND18, “Predictive Analytics for INBOUND Marketers”, you can catch the replay here.

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