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Fun with Forecasting: Cheese of the Week Predictive Analytics

Who loves cheese? Lots of people love cheese and it’s National Cheese Day here in the US. We’re showcasing a fun way to see predictive analytics in action, with Cheese of the Week. Cheese of the Week uses public search data, forecasted 52 weeks in advance from today (4 June 2019) to show when audiences in America are most interested in the different kinds of cheeses, based on how often a cheese is searched for. The darker a number’s background is and the bigger the number, the more interested they are.

Cheese of the Week Forecast

In this predictive forecast, simply click to sort by week for what will be the most popular cheese that week:

Cheese of the Week Forecast
Click the image to go to the interactive forecast.

If you were a Maître Fromager or a Certified Cheese Professional, you’d likely want to know what cheeses to focus on in your restaurant, winery, or your content marketing to ensure you were as relevant as possible every week. Sort the columns by cheese, then build an editorial calendar or a content calendar for every week of the next year.

Obviously, we could extend this forecast to nearly any industry, any vertical, even at smaller geographies. If you were a winery in Napa, you’d probably be most concerned about the greater San Francisco metropolitan area or the state of California. If you were a fast food franchise, you’d want separate forecasts for every region.

For now, enjoy the cheese forecast, try it out on our Tableau Public page, and as always, if you’d like help with building a forecast of your own, we’re happy to help.

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