Understanding Goals, KPIs, and Metrics

The challenge with marketing data is making sure you are tracking metrics that demonstrate ROI. It’s easy to get lost in piles of unorganized data – like someone backing the truck up and pouring data all over your desk. How do we get organized and make our reporting more efficient?  Goals, KPIs, Metrics GOALS – […]

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{PODCAST} In-Ear Insights_ Quarterly Review and Planning

{PODCAST} In-Ear Insights: Quarterly Review and Planning

In this episode of In-Ear Insights, Katie and Chris discuss quarterly review and planning. When you do your quarterly review of marketing metrics, what do you look at? How do you strategize? What insights do you glean? As mentioned in the show, this week’s episode comes with two visuals so you can follow along with […]

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end-of-year planning

Tips for Using Data to Survive End-Of-Year Planning

This post was originally published on Spin Sucks It’s the most wonderful time of the year… …for annual planning! Well, it’s Q4, and everyone is scrambling to create their plan for January 1st. New Year, New You. What’s the deal with that? I equate annual planning to creating resolutions. If you wait until January to start […]

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In-Ear Insights Episode: 2019 Planning and Predictive Analytics

{PODCAST} In-Ear Insights: 2019 Planning and Predictive Analytics

In this episode of In-Ear Insights, cofounders Katie Robbert and Christopher Penn discuss predictive analytics as a planning tool for your 2019 marketing. What data should you use? How should you approach a predictive analytics project? How much planning should go into predictive analytics? What pitfalls should you look to avoid? Tune in: Download the […]

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Deep Dive Episode_ 2019 Marketing Planning

{PODCAST} In-Ear Insights: 2019 Marketing Planning

In this episode of In-Ear Insights, learn how to approach your 2019 marketing planning from a data-driven approach. Instead of guessing or just adding 10% to last year’s metrics and KPIs, what could you do to more accurately forecast, plan, and budget for the coming year? Join founders Katie Robbert and Christopher Penn for a […]

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