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In the Headlights: November 7, 2019 Issue

The ad copy read, “Are you recession-proof?” This week, Katie and I were talking about recession planning, especially seeing the weakness in numbers like the OECD Business Confidence Index. Katie remarked that she didn’t like the phrase, even though the concept was...

In the Headlights: October 30, 2019 Issue

What’s in the labs? Last week, I stumbled upon an old presentation I delivered at a previous company about what my department was working on, what was in the labs a few years ago. It was a nostalgic look back, especially since what was in the labs then has since...
Data Driven A/B testing – part 3

Data-Driven A/B testing – part 2

Is A/B testing part of your strategic plan? It should be. In part 1, we walked through what A/B testing is and the kinds of things you can test. Read part 1 here: Now let’s dive into how to...

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